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good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> i'm carolyn johnson. sandhya coke's family and friends spread out hoping to find leads on the woman missing since sunday night. >> abc 7 news reporter vic lee joins with us developments. vic? >> they found her car, cell phones but police have been
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able to locate her. >> they split up in small groups leafletting areas including the neighbor around her home, her daughter last saw her sunday night when she left the house, saying she'd be back in a half hour. the 50-year-old worked as a death penalty appeals investigator for a federal defender in sacramento. dozens of colleagues came today. her boss didn't think anyone connected to cases would kidnap her. >> in 20 years i've never heard of anyone being targeted for the work they do. >> they canvased the area and in richmond she posted flyers offering a $1,000 reward for the return of her beloved cocker span yil mix. her best friend thinks the
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disapooper may have something to do with the pet. >> people have called saying i have the dog or have seen the dog. she went to meet them or talk to them. and it was lies. >> some people including her sister, tanya heard someone asked for anyone in return for the dog. that person may have been arrested. all she knows is her sister's final twordz her daughter. >> saying she was going out to meet someone who had information about the dog. >> there is also theories her disappearance may have something to do with her recent internet dating. tanya says she went on one date. >> she indicated it was a pleasant meeting and, but, you know was nothing out of the ordinary in a public place. >> it may have something to do with police looking at her
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commuter. >> if you have information call the police hot line number on the screen. >> we weren't able to get the number on the >> a 20-year-old and his son, drew were visiting family on wormly avenue. police say the gunman shot through a window in the middle of the night two. victims from fresno were in town for a birthday party extending the day thomas's aunt says she thinks this may be related. >> our other little cousin got shot on the street so they were going to stay here until after the funeral is over. so it my, could be a
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connection or something. >> he says everybody was asleep when shots were fired coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 what police are saying about the increase in violence in oakland. >> both sides in the bart labor dispute are expanding them selfs to a panel looking into the issue that's led to a strike in july and a threatened shut down of the system again this week. presenting their cases management and workers clashed over just about every number, even current salary of employees. >> the average bart employee makes 79,500s ndz salary. our benefit package considered one of the richest in the industry costs $50,800 per employee per year. >> average worker at bart makes 79,000 -- $79,500 a year is untrue. it's untrue as to us it could
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be true as to everybody who works for bart including higher level management. >> the board of inquiry will present its report to the governor deciding by this sunday whether to issue a 60 day cooling off period or let the union go on strike again next week. contract talks are schedule td resume tomorrow. >> we have a wide range of resources for you here at abc 7 including more on the inquiry into negotiations we have realtime traffic conditions so you can see how the commute is shaping up as you head out, maybe head to work. you can down load our abc 7 news wazeqhçúj traffic app and follow us on twitter for breaking news updates on the bart talks. >> commuters who ride the bus across the bay are relieved today. ac transit and unions reached a deal just before midnight avoiding a strike. >> abc 7 news reporter matt keller found out passengers are hoping the deal could send a message to bart. >> normal never looked so go
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for 180,000 people riding ac transit every weekday no. strike meant bus arrived and left on time at the temporary trance bay terminal in san francisco. >> i thought boy have to drive in and that would have been traffic, lateness, money. >> problem. >> problems. yes. >> the bus drivers on strike, yeah. all of us have problems, too. getting to work. >> union officials and ac transit management made a deal at 11:00 last night an hour before the deadline. the agreement gives 1800 bus drivers, mechanics and clerical workers a 9.5% raise over three years but they swril to contribute to their benefits. >> very good news. i feel g wonderful. yes. passengers are happy. everybody is happy. so, yeah. so i'm happy to be at work. >> passengers took note a deal was made without a strike keeping morning routine intact hoping this sends a message to workers and management. >> this is a big relief.r?xv
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i hope bart takes note we're able to come together and reach an agreement. >> we just want to be at work. >> union members still have to aruf the deal and are expected to vote this month. in san francisco, matt keller abc 7 news. >> by have new information today with the relationship between a missing 16-year-old san diego girl and the man accused of abducting her, hannah anderson and her 8-year-old brother may be with the man on the right of the screen. 40-year-old james dimaggio. family friends say he was particularly closezm recently admitting he had a crush on her, it's believed he may have the children with him in his blue nissan versa. an arrest warrant has been filed with bond set at $1 million. >> the house where three women were held captive and held for
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a decade has been torn down part of the plea deal, one of the women imprisoned there, michelle nilt released balloons into the tire honor missing children who have never been found. one of them broke down part of the door in may, then yelled for help. >> i feel liberated people think of me as a hero and a role model. i would love to continue being that. i go from here as being a motivational speaker and let everybody know... that they're heard. they are loved. there is hope for everyone. >> she's a strong young lady. prosecutors say castro cried when he signed over the deed and claimed he had many happy memories there. he was sentenced to life last week. it's life in prison plus one thousand years for the crimes committed. >> a santa clara county woman has cona confirmed case of the human virus this year, officials say the woman became
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ill and was hospitalized briefly. west nile is transmitted to humans and animal tluz the bite of an infected mosqu9kéç0@% >> the family of a camp counselor killed when a tree fell on top of her filed a wrongful death lawsuit. last month that tree nel a circle outside of the dining hall. the lawsuit blames pg&e, tree inspection companies it hired and an arborist for the camp. pg&e was responsible for checking that tree because it was within 15 feet of power lines. a 21-year-old student was killed. four other adults hurt but no children harmed. so far no defendant has commentedthon lawsuit. >> happening now crews are fighting this wildfire in river sitd county. look at the smoke coming off of this one. it's burning south of banning near highway 243. it's only been burning a couple hours but more than 300 acres have been burned. fire is close to several homes but so far, no structures have
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been destroyed this is a live helicopter view of it. you can see the camera moving around here. we know 200 firefighters are on the scene there is no word at this point on containment. >> sports news, big match up for a little league team in the west regional. >> these local kids will put the record on the line against a team from chula vista in the final game in pool play. >> a win would assure them of being the number one seed putting them just two wins from advancing to little league world series in williams port, pennsylvania fchl you watch these guys play they're really g excellent pitching. >> yes. outstanding team. let's check in with spencer christian. >> big fan? we're not havingwhhtñ baseball weather now. summer dreary live doppler 7 hd shows low skploudz fog over portions of the coastline. some reaching over the bay ai. live view over embarcadero.
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readings 65 here in san francisco. 73 mountain view. san jose, 74. 64 in half moon bay. and we wor getting a good view just a moment ago from our camera now low clouds are obscuring that view. it's 68 degrees in santa rosa. 69 in napa. 75 fairfield. 76 in livermore, now, a better view from our camera showing clouds and various levels looking at western sky this, is the first fblgt. fog and low clouds this evening, overnight, cloudier, spotty drizzle. mainly near the coast. could occur just about anywhere. tomorrow afternoon, cooler than average, highs ranging from only upper 50s to mid to upper 70s inland. well below average. sunny for the weekend? i'll have the forecast coming up. >> spencer, thank you. and still ahead trend pope
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francis launched when he traveled to brazil for world youth play. plus...7=o,w >> positive message students are spreading with the help of a local star. >> and at 4:30 they're called sliders. what criminals are stealing from cars at gas stations while people fill up tanks. what you need to do to be safe. >> let's check on the afternoon kmucht it's ugly. especially on the righthand side of the screen heading towards 101 south that. is gridlock. not normally what we can see. it's worse coming in another direction. but that is going to be very slow going for anyone headed towards 101 south. back with
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some oakland students highlighting importance of attending school in a new video. remixed as i'm an oakland school kid. the video, if you saw the clip featured seahawks running back marchshon lynch. the video begin was students dreaming about what they want to become when they grow up and singing about being on time for school in order to achieve those dreams. good message. >> yes. nice video, too. groupon gets a new ceo.
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aol makes its biggest acquisition since the huffington post. >> hi, emily. >> good afternoon, larry and carolyn. aol looking to video advertising to boost business. the company agreed to acquire a video lap top for $405 million in cash and stock. adapt tv helps match advertisers through an exchange aol reported second-quarter earnings today reporting a 2% gain in revenue. it's a done deal groupon named its new permanent ceo. he had been sharing the job with ted leonsis since february. live stream interview in los angeles, spencer rajbun sat down with president obama the event was streamed through white house web site. users submitted questions to the president through various
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platforms, using hash tag ask obama housing. in an interview the president said woe save money if refinancing on his chicago home but hasn't yet done so. u.s. stocks declined today jéz giving the stand skbrard poor's index it's first thre three-day joft since mid june. and finally, yahoo is ditching the company's 18-year-old logo. in a campaign over the next four weeks the silicon valley company is showcasing 30 different logos every day, final will debut september 4th. this company has already decided on the new logo but wants to showcase different looks to depict the renaissance under ceo marisa mayer. from bloomberg studios i'm emily chang, back to you. >> thank you. >> san jose celebrating 5th anniversary of the city's first electric vehicle
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charging station. san jose teamed up with charter point to become one of the first cities to install them. the first one right across from city hall and today, the 50th city-maintained station was installed. they've put 2500 of the stations in the bay area and about 12,000 of them nationwide. >> talking cars pope francis has become a trend setter when it comes to of all things automobiles. you might recall during a troip brazil he ditched the pope mobile in favor of a coupe. since then that, car has been a hot sell gler brazil. models selling out all over the country in, fact. fiat is brazil's biggest car maker. it sells for $18,000 there. reasonable. >> yes. and good for the pope, it's good for the masses. >> yes. >> he's a trend setter. >> indeed. >> spencer what is going on out there? >> we're crazy about this trend. lots of clouds, low clouds, and fog.
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temperatures well below average in some this unaugust like. here is a lk at live doppler 7 hd. areas of low clouds and fog near the coast. we've had low clouds visible across all parts of the bay area, now looking at the golden gate bridge shows a rather dreary view there. warming begins this weekend. let's pull back to take a look at the satellite image. there is that low that has been dominant factor. it's a counterclockwise circulation bringing milder air up
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getting warmer as will much of the bay area as, at that same time. during that same period of time. overnight tonight. wide spread low clouds and fog. and drizzle fear the coast. low temperatures mainly into mid to upper 50s so how mild, not so mild will it be tomorrow? along the south bay, partly cloudy skies. high temperatures mid-70s about 74 in san jose..0ñ on the peninsula, upper 60s to low 70s. 72 palo alto. on the coast, cloudy but mild there. highs in the low 60s from pacifica to half moon bay. downtown a high of only 63. clouds there tomorrow. little bit sunnier in the north bay. highs into low to mid-70s.
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71 santa rosa. highs under partly cloudy skies, breezy conditions. 66 in oakland. inland east bay mid to upper 70s tomorrow. 74 in livermore, 78 antioch. here is the accu-weather forecast. friday we'll see a slightly warmer trend. then, upper 80s to near 90 next week so it's with going to be a gradual warm up, but a welcome one. >> yes. >> very disappointing. >> yes. >> not what we're looking for. >> yes. >> weekend looks good. >> you let me down. >> up next, buying bueller a famous part of the movie "ferris bueller's day off" now for sale. >> the ticket buying frenzy ahead of the big power ball jackpot. who could be
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a hus made famous in the off" is for sale, it can be yours for just $1.5 million. it has four bedrooms and the all glass carrage. >> in the movie his friend sent his father's prized ferrari through the glass of the garage and into aéaéo ravie
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behind the home. >> other entertainment news a sneak peek at the new muppets and jennifer aniston talking about the millers. >> it's a big day for actress jennifer aniston whose comedy opens in theaters today. she star as lng side jason sadakis becoming parents of a fake family in order to smuggle drug as cross the border. >> half of the fun is being able to watch because everybody in the cast is so funny. and they bring their own sort of different takes of funny. >> it's rated r. back on the red carpet the premier of "paradise". a young woman moves to las vegas. we talked to her about her first experience with the city. >> i just remember getting off the plane and thinking wow there are slot machines in the
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airport? yes. it's kind of a different scene. >> it opens in dwleertz october 18th. >> crazier things have happened. >> and will. >> check it out. the new trailer for the upcoming muppets sequel opens in march. get more movie news now at >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 there is a crime happening at gas stations how you can protect yourself. >> plus, women would you rather be robbed of purse or hair? the new target for criminals in one country. >> a stray bullet kills a promising college student. what police are saying about the crime, and later. >> a million times... why? why am i sitting here? >> you'll hear from the survivor from the hot shot
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group who fought that deadly wildfire in arizona. it's an abc 7 news exclusive. eñ
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san jose police continue to search for the person who killed a promising nursing
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student. >> she was the victim of a drive by shooting. we are live with the story. carolyn? >> well, this is san jose's 30th homicide of the year, one is too many. the police chief and other as agree this one is truly senseless. >> i truly miss her. >> kathleen is an instructor at the college of nursing in mid peel peedas remembering one special student. kimberly estrada chico. she was hit by a stray bullet riding in a car through san jose's entertainment district. police chief says this murder struck a chord with him. >> any crime like that is unacceptable but that specifically because it appear she's was an unintended victim and an aspiring nurse. and had aspirations for that.
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>> chico just earned hear sis stant nursing certificate last month. and said tb preparing for another year of classes at san jose state. >> just tragic. i was in denial. right now i feel that way. because it's just not too long ago seeing her, it's brought back memories how could someone's life be gone like that? she was shot in the area known as south of first. a bar and nightclub district. motewn restaurant is across the street. the manager says lately customers told him they don't feel safe at night. >> some say yeah, downtown isn't sa. i hope more police are coming. >> the chief says solving this murder the city's 30th homicide is a priority. m san jose, abc 7 news.
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>> the government in yemen say authorities foiled a terror plot by al qaeda militants the word of the foiled plots comes as the country is on heightened alert over concerns of a threat that led the us us and britain to evacuate their embassies in the capitol city. >> president obama visited marines in camp pendelton saying americans don't get terrorized. the president responding to threats that led to that closure of 19 outposts and evacuation of u.s. embassy in yemen. also thanked troops for service here and abroad. >> the decision to cancel next month's summit between the president and vladimir putin could strain the relationship between washington and m
4:33 pm
the obama administration says that meeting was not a constructive step but sent a stern message of disapproval after russia gave asylum to edward snowden. >> the state department explained why president ob yaum snubbing the meeting next month. >> issues like seara, missle defense and russian human rights but there is also this from a state whit house statement. russia's disappointing decision to grant edward snowden temporary sil yim was also a factor. the obama administration is furious about the kremlin's support for the nsa leaker. >> there is an alleged law breaker in their country well. evaluate it and tried to work with them, they didn't do that with use analysts say the
4:34 pm
white house calculated it wasn't worth the criticism the president was facing at home. political rush coming from republicans and democrat autos russia stabbed us in the back. >> the president and president putin have not always had a warm relationship. >> truth is that when we have meetings we can have blunt exchanges and animated exchanges. >> russian officials say they're disappointed the meeting is off but the invitation is still on the table. it looks like they shouldn't hold breath for an rsvp of yes. >> there have been no signs that we're going make progress on more retractable issues the obama administration cares about. >> officials said snowden's asylum increased tensions between the two nake nations, snubbing president putin will likely make it worse. >> a warning today about a crime taking place all over the country. it's being caught on video. take a look. you can see criminals stealing
4:35 pm
purses, phones and wallets out of cars at gas stations while you're filling up. it happens in just seconds. police call them sliders for the way they slide below the top of your door lying in wait to pounce, then run off with yourçó valuables. >> it's very scary someone could just surprise you and steal your belongings. >> it's yours pro, detective it. and the easiest way is keep it locked up, keep it with you. ask don't leave it in the vehicle unoccupied. >> good advice. lock doors and be aware of what is going on around you. >> the authorities in venezuela issuing a warning to women. watch it if you wear your hair down. police in a coastal city says thieves are grabbing women by the hair and cutting it off, then selling locks at beauty supply stores. it's also happening in neighboring column beea. there is a market for real hair selling for $500 compared to0 tc
4:36 pm
hair. >> a museum in it tally decided not to press charges against an american tourist that accidentally broke a finger off a priceless statue. police say the man tried to measure his own finger against the finger on a statue of a virgin mary made a mid yeefal sculptor. the finger broke off. the museum had signs reminding his tores do not tump art work. officials are confident it can be restored. it was made of plaster. police have not identified the man but say he's from connecticut and works as a surgeon. >> how mortifying. yes. don't touch. he's not even a month old but royal baby prince george is getting gifts for toddler year autos why this tee shirt has been pull frtd shelves of a children's clothing store.
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>> from our camera, low clouds and when it might warm up here in the bay area in my accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> and taking a look at traffic right now in the golden gate bridge look how chilly it looks there. and it is. but traffic moving well. stay with us. abc 7 news
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london's mayor revealing
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his royal baby gift for prince george. >> take a look. the mayor is sending the new worn this fancy bike. the number on the frame is the prince's date of birth. >> i don't think he's going to be able to ride that soon but the mayor says he wants the prince to be introduced to the joy of cycling at earliest opportunity two. years ago the mayor gave his parents a tandem bicycle as a wedding gift. >> goats have taken over a washington, d.c. landmark. more than 100 of them are chowing down, grazing 24 hours a day to eliminate vines poison ivy and weeds and leaving behind natural fertilizer, we're told. the cemetery says using goats eliminates the need for harmful chemicals. there are thousands of graves date back to the 1800s including former senators and house nebs.
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>> goats will eat just about anything. >> they will its been told. >> yes. it is. >> surely compared to them this time of the year. low clouds fog near the coast. it's been dreary looking over the bay and inland today. taking a look ahead to tomorrow, nationally we'll see mild to warmer on the coast with wide spread areas of showers there. highs in desert southwest 105 tomorrow state wide tomorrow we'll see mainly sunny skies away from the coast. but will be cooler than average in most locations down through central vae yoo. a high of only 82 tomorrow. fresno 89. but that is warm by bay area standards but these locations see highs into upper 90s to 100 f you want 101 go down to palm springs tomorrow. here in the bay area, after some early morning drizzle,
4:42 pm
perhaps afternoon drizzle near the coast high temperatures rising to only 60s and low 70s around the bay and inland highs only mid to upper 70s. many highs around 90 degrees so you can see how high it will be. nothing dramatic but warmer than that. >> yes. yes. >> thank you. >> okay. >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 an abc news exclusive. sole survivor of an arizona fire that killed firefighters is talking for the first time. why he says he is alive today. >> burglars have a change of heart after targetib$u[ a southern california charity. >> one consumer group wants the government to crack down on mobile
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the sole survivor of a wildfire that killed 19 firefighters is speaking out for the first time? an abc news exclusive. he was serving as a lookout for his team that day.
4:46 pm
>> the first report of what happened on that day m arizona came in this ters radio dpraul a paramedic 19 fatalities. 19 out of the 20 members of a team called granite mountain hot shots from nearby prescott, arizona leaving the loen survivor to wonder why he was spared. >> aliué a million times. why am i sitting here? why isn't someone else? why aren't they sitting here, with me? >> do you think of yourself as a hero? >> i look at a hero someone who is -- laid their live down. >> we met the 21-year-old at the granite mountain hot shots headquarters. >> it's tough this, is my home for a few years this, is where
4:47 pm
the best memories of my life have been. >> and the worst. first he says the fire seemed nothing out of the ordinary to the hot shot team. >> we're able to see the fire, what it's doing that. is when the superintendent and captain asked me to be the lookout. >> that would be assignment separate him from the others. and save his life. he was stationed here able to see the fire and the other hot shots around a ridge line. around 3:45 in the afternoon the winds that head been driving the fire away from the hot shots shifted and began to drive the fire towards the hot shots and a quarter mile a minute. with flames 50 feet high. the team told mcdonough to get out. see you soon, i said, okay. >> a short time later the bodies of his 19 brerjs were discovered. >> i stopped.
4:48 pm
i was with the vehicles i can hear whoever didn't bring the phone i can hear phones ringing. knowing it was their wives. or family. i sunk. sunk into my seat, i sunk into myself. i couldn't think. >> bless my hot shot crew, my family. >> highways now been to 19 funerals trying to put on a brave public face as the loen survivor. >> thank you and i miss my brothers. >> brian ross abc news. >> and brian ross will have more on the exclusive interview with the surviving firefighters coming up at a5:30. >> checking healthy living news researchers reporting the first case of a strain of bird flu spread from one human to another. a 32-year-old in china was
4:49 pm
infected after caring for her father. they want to create muant strains more deadly so they can better study the threat. the viruses will be kept inside labs. consumer advocates challenging claims some apps can make babies smarter. they filed a complaint and says there is no evidence it can make infants and toddlers smaller, research shows screen time can be harmful. fisher price has in the commented on the suit but open solution says ate gres electronics are not a substitute for human interaction. >> research suggests mug of hot coco could be the new brain food. researchers studied 60 older adults about a third had poor blood flow to the brain and one drank two cups of hot
4:50 pm
chocolate a day for a month7.q+t
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
>> if we'd stationed this, 24 hours a day, it would be over 200 thousand. >> the cut out is a picture of a real police officer he says the split second the thieves take the glance is actually enough to discourage them. >> now, the cat is out of the bag, though. >> they have to see them once going oh, well, he's not real. >> yes. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 one of the luckiest places in the state. you still have hours to there to buy your power ball ticket. >> yes. it's a trip that could be worth $425 million. >> i'm in. >> coming up actor jason patrick's battle to spend time with his biological son. >> and forget the memory of an elephant. dolphins now making an unforgettable impression. those story pz more coming up at 5:00.
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yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪
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we have 25 people in linea..
4:57 pm
>> the store manager says today 90% of the business is lottery pick tik yits. >> today it was thousands and thousands close to $30,000 today. so quite a bit. >> he says customers just believe the store is lucky. >> this is a lucky store. so they've had four winners s so... home fully a power ball winner is next. >> this morning the line backed up to beer coolers in the back. western tailor drove down from oakland thinking he can make a difference. >> probablely. i never heard of any winners in!omju oakland. >> the store does offer help in picking numbers for a quarter had this machine will blow around ping pong balls until six pop up. we didn't see anyone using thatukx method. most folks told us they have their own way. >> in the going tell you my number. >> i just want to know how you pick. >> birthdays and dates. official days. >> phyllis uses childrens birthday autos will you give
4:58 pm
them a cut? >> of course, sending a check from the airport with no return address. >> irma is just the open sismt if she wins she says it's all go together kids. >> that is about it. i'm too old to go any place. >> how old are you? >> 90. >> you kind of already won, haven't you?. >> yes. >> we should all be so lucky. mark matthews abc 7 news. >> yes. good point. we'll be streaming the drawing for you tonight at 7:59 on our web site. larry will be watching. >> what about the pool? you didn't want to tell me about that? >> we'll talk. >> thanks for joining us.. >> i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl and dan. >> carolyn and larry an innocent child is killed in oakland insifd a home in his sleep what. community leaders
4:59 pm
are demanding. >> lost boys star fights for custody of a boy he fathered through artificial insemination. >> i'm sandhya patel our cool summer weather going to be winding down soon. the weekend forecast is straight ahead. >> violence needs to stop. there are innocent people getting killed for nothing. >> a 1-year-old baby and father, shot while sleeping by someone outside of the home. latest victims of gunfire in oakland. good evening. >> like many of the killings there is no way to explain the reckless wanton nature of the violence. abc 7 news is live at oakland want to latest from police. nick, just seems to keep happening. >> everyone here is upset. the police chief and the mayor just had a meeting outside of
5:00 pm
youth uprising to engage the youth to see how to talk to young people in the community and ask them offer suggestions on how to curve violence. the shots rang out when someone came into the backyard on the heels an 8-year-old who was shot and killed in east oakland. now i want to you know who years ago tomorrow a 3-year-old was murdered here in east oakland. take a look. two latest victims, this is a 20-year-old and his 1-year-old son, drew. thomas andmc. his son were both here from visiting from fresno. they were here for a family birthday party staying for the funeral of a cousin who was shot and killed last weekend. no now the aunt says it was late, everyone was asleep someone started shooting into the house. bullets hit the 20-year-old and the baby he was still breathing when they took him out of here. i called 911. then she was tell

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